AI Development
Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the tech field and a staggering number of organizations are adopting AI and the demand for professionals well- versed in AI is increasing at an astonishing rate! NXC Control’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence will provide a broad understanding of the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence to beginners. Don’t get left behind - take NXC Control’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Course today!

Artificial intelligence is a driving force to change humanity by helping people and businesses create exciting, innovative products and services, drive critical decisions and achieve key goals. This is the reason why companies are hiring AI professionals at a jaw-dropping rate!

We craft powerful and innovative AI solutions with our software, mobile and web development expertise. Potent at decision-making and problem-solving, our intelligent AI software/products help you work faster, at lower costs and without errors. Hire our Artificial Intelligent Development Company now.

In practice, applying data analytics and AI to a new task means transforming data and defining models that are suitable for the task. Data visualizations and automation then allow intelligent decision making and automating operations based on the data. NXC Controls offers data analytics and AI services in its own products, as a component in its service offering and as a custom service.

ML Development
Machine Learning course will make you an expert in machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence that automates data analysis to enable computers to learn and adapt through experience to do specific tasks without explicit programming. You will master machine learning concepts and techniques including supervised and unsupervised learning, mathematical and heuristic aspects, and hands-on modeling to develop algorithms and prepare you for the role of Machine Learning Engineer.

NXC Controls is a leading ML consulting and development service provider. We build powerful unsupervised/supervised algorithms to automate your processes, minimize human invention, increase operation speed, reduce errors, decrease cost, assure timeliness and boost reliability.

We understand how AI & ML can streamline operations. With experience of implementing such solutions across industry segments such as healthcare and finance, we can offer full-suite services that can automate any business process. Instead on believing in tweaking a standard solution, we build customized solutions that suits your specific business needs to help you leverage the maximum potential of a technology.

  • We have vast experience in building, training, and deploying Machine Learning algorithms at any scale
  • We employ specialists with unique and scarce ML-related skillsets; We’re well versed in Topological Data Analysis and know how to utilize its data decomposition to improve the accuracy of ML models
  • We’ve worked with most popular Machine Learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, Jupiter, Pytorch, Caffe, MXNet, etc.
  • We integrate ML tools with firms’ core applications, granting them unique capabilities, promptly and painlessly
  • We leverage AI and Machine Learning to address efficiently all the common use cases across various industries. These include personalized recommendations, fraud prevention, financial prediction modeling, document analysis, text transcription and so on